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My Fellow Friends, Historians and Genealogists:

I thank you on behalf of the Partisans of the Mohawk Valley for purchasing my tome: The Bloodied Mohawk. I hope you have found it useful and enlightening. Unfortunately, as with all large works of transcription, I have found errors in my work. Fortunately none of these errors effect the spirit or veracity of the text. Yet they irritate my sense of perfection and it is hoped that at sometime that this tome will be reprinted and at that time all of the corrections will be published. I must thus ask that you please make the following corrections [designated in bold underlined italics] to your texts:

Footnote Number 225 on page 93, refers to the Revolutionary War Pension Application of Henry Shaver, RWPA # S11376, not to Willett's Letter Book, NYSL Mss #SC16670.

The third sentence of paragraph one on page 97 should read: During this same action the enemy took John Cramer and John Brookman prisoner. The sources of this information remain the same.

Paragraph four, on page 136 should read . . . In the spring, the Continentals of Lieutenant Pierre Regnier de Roussi Regiment and Captain Jacob Diefendorf's Company of the Canajoharie District Regiment were called upon to build a new blockhouse under the direction of an Egeneer. This new blockhouse, according to Henry Murphy, was called Fort Plain.

Paragraph three, sentence two on page 156 should read . . . Among these projects was the construction of a new blockhouse about two miles to the southeast of Fort Plank, under the direction of an Egeneer, which blockhouse later assumed the name Fort Rensselaer or, as the locals called it after the war, Fort Plain.

On page 183, the fifth paragraph should read: . . . 7th Proceeded on my Journey Brackfasted at Windeckers then went on to yatses and took out a Rit for Lt John Mercer; I Dind at thi[s] Place of thers Proceeded to Fort Plank to See the Sherif But Could not find him at hom I then Returned to the River and Crost the Ferry Lodgd at Wormuts.

In the fifth paragraph on page 215, the first sentence should read . . . In the spring of 1779, members of the Tryon County Militia under the immediate command of Captain Jacob Diefendorf, along with the company of Captain Abraham Coapman, and Continentals under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Regnier de Roussi marched to a site approximately two miles south of Fort Plank, where an Egeneer was planning and constructing a fort called Fort Plain.

Footnote Number 59 on page 228 should be changed to read: "Montgomery County Deed 46:318.

Sentence three of Footnote Number 61 on page 228 should be changed to read: A Quit Rent Receipt found in the Samuel Ludlow Frey Papers (Box 5 Folder 94) also demonstrates that yet another Johannes Lipe possessed the southern or easternmost half of Upper Woodland Lot 5 of the Rutger Bleeker Patent."

Line 5 of Paragraph 4 on page 257 should read: "You are outhorised and Requireed to Administer an Oath to the Several Serjents and".

Under LYPE'S BLOCKHOUSE on page 287, the last sentence of the fifth paragraph should read . . . This may be a reference to the blockhouse built under the direction of an Egeneer in 1779.

JOHN BARRY on page 301 should be replaced by ICHABOD BONNY.

The first sentence of the notes on CHRISTIAN BELLINGER on page 306 should be changed to read . . . He was born in Herkimer Township, Herkimer County, New York on January 15, 1764 a son of Philip Bellinger.

The third sentence of the notes on JOHN BELLINGER on page 307 . . . His brother, Christopher Bellinger, states that Ernstine married (1st) John Myer on June 7, 1776 and that Myer was killed by the British in September of 1778.

CONRAD CRAMER, RWPA #R2434, on page 351. Conrad and Elisabeth Sitts were married by the minister of the Reformed German Church at Canajoharie, not the German Flatts Dutch Reformed Church.

JOHN JACOB DIEFFENDORF, RWPA #S12772, on page 367. He did not fight in the Battle of Oriskany.

HENRY F. KELLER on page 455 was not enrolled in Captain Samuel Gray's Company of Batteaumen.

Under George Klock on page 461, it was Johannes Klock who purchased Lot 11 of the Harrison Patent on November 10, 1742, from John Wendell, not George."

WILLIAM NELLIS, RWPA #R7583, on page 502, this file contains no details on the Battle of Turlough. Please delete the line from the original.

On page 523, the paragraph on HENRY PRUYNE, RWPA #R8508 should read:

HENRY PRUYNE, RWPA #S14325. He served as a private in Captain Garret Putman's Company of Lieutenant Colonel Marinus Willett's Corps.

Under HENRY RIGHTMEYER, RWPA #S14312, on page 535, the fourth line should be changed to read: In 1782 he marched . . . from Fort Plain to a small Fort at Clocks on the Mohawk River . . . under the command of Captain Ebeneazer French of Willett's Corps. Please delete the line reading: "In 1782 he marched . . . from Fort Plain to a small Fort at Clocks on the Mohawk River . . ." [edit this one]

On page 584, the Christian name of [----] TUNICLIFF was WILLIAM.

EVERT VAN DEN BOGART on page 600 should be changed to EVERT VAN DEN BERGH.

Line 4 of the notes on Partisan DERICK VAN VECHTEN, RWPA #S23047, on page 613, should read ". . . Sir John Johnson's incarceration of Anthony Van Veghten . . . ".

In the bibliography at page 669, the Isaac Vrooman Map of 1779 is housed in the New-York Historical Society, New York, New York.

The references [edit in pg #'s] to Colonel Zebulon Butler should be changed to read Colonel William Butler.

CONRAD CRAMER, RWPA #R2434, on page 351. Conrad and Elisabeth Sitts were married by the minister of the Reformed German Church at Canajoharie, not the German Flatts Dutch Reformed Church.

The index entry for Egence/Egences on page 701, should be changed to Egeneer.

The following RWPA #'s have been corrected from those listed in the text: John A. Lansing, RWPA #W16627 (see footnote #370 in "The Enemy Approaches and in Partisans of the Mohawk Valley); John Lower, RWPA #W21590 (see footnote #405 in "The Enemy Approaches); William Berry, RWPA #S10366 (see footnote #59 in "The Continental Army, #37 in "In Search of Fort Plank", and in "Mohawk Valley Partisans); Aaron Baxter, RWPA #S12064 (see footnote #59 in "The Continental Army and in "Mohawk Valley Partisans); James Wilson, RWPA #W16479 (see footnote #56 in "Supplying the Troops" and in "Mohawk Valley Partisans); George Anthony, RWPA #S2341 (all of the following appear in "Mohawk Valley Partisans); Abraham Arndt, RWPA #W20639; John P. Becker, RWPA #S23536; John Cain, RWPA #W18849; Adam Coppernoll, RWPA #S28430;; Abraham Covenhoven, RWPA #W12108; Peter Covenhoven, RWPA #S28444; Philip Failing, RWPA #W19237; John Frank, RWPA #S23644; Michael Frank, RWPA #W24247; Conrad Getman, RWPA #W19495; Wyant Lepper, RWPA #W10980; John Lower, RWPA #W21590; Garret Marcellus, RWPA #W1444; Dionnius Miller, RWPA #R7182; William J., RWPA #R7623; William Pettingell, RWPA #S18163; John Prime, RWPA #W22017; Abraham J. Quackenboss, RWPA #W16688; Abraham Rosa, RWPA #S14381; Lambert Schaefer, RWPA #S6059; Marks Shell, RWPA #S14440; Henry Shew, RWPA #S29448; Isaac Smith, RWPA #S14512; William Thompson, RWPA #R14667; John R. Vander Warker, RWPA #R10853; William Van Slyke, RWPA #W2461; John A. Van Valkinburgh, BLWt #71144-160-55; Garret Van Vranken, RWPA #R10903; Jacob Winne, RWPA #W18455; John Wormwood, RWPA #W26093; and, Jacob Wright, RWPA #S14903.

As The Bloodied Mohawk is intended to be a living work, I recommend that you check the web page entitled "NEW DISCOVERIES" for more exciting developments as they occur. Should you note any possible error(s) in transcription or the omission of a document(s) you feel pertinent to the story of the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk Valley, please contact the author immediately so that your information might be included.

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