Jacob J Clock being examined says that he left Oswago in Company with Henry Deal a Sergeant in the 2d Battn of Royall Yorkers. And Jacob Clock the Son of Conrad Clock and Bartholomew Forbes two Soldiers belonging to the said 2d Battn of R. Yorkers this day two weeks ago And arrived at in the neighbourhood of his Fathers Colonel Klocks four days ago And that after remaining out untill mid night with the [a crossed out word] parties on the hill in back of the house He went and concealing himself alone among some Oats Just by Esqr Nellus's house untill were he stayed about 2 hours sun in the morning when observing a Negro man of his fathers at Work in the field he called to him And desired the Negro to call Esqr Nellus's & his father where he did accordingly & soon returned with his father go. Nellis and Esquire Nellus to whence he Delivered himself up to them on the mercy of his Country with a View of throughing him self on the mercy of his Country - And further this examinant says that before he parted with the other three men belonging to the party He let the others Jacob Klock & Forbes know that he would take that opprtunity of Delivering himself up And that after they had seen him taken they would take the like menas of delivering themselves up to their friends agreeable to their Intention -- That the force at Oswago was nearly as follows /Vizt/

34th Regt about 50 or 60

8 - - - - - - at - 20 or 30

84 - - - - - at - 30 or 40

2d B. R. Yorkers at - 150 or 200

Rangers about - 60 or 70

Artillery - - - - - 15 or 15


325 or 415


That their were very few Indians at Oswago when he left it Majer Ross Commands at Oswago And that they have rebuilt the old Fort And that they have from twelve to fifteen or more pieces of Iron Ordinance at that place & one brass Gun only that the Iron Ordinance are  from  from 6 to 18 pounders only two of wh are 18 pounders. That the Indians were generally gone to Niagary And that Brant had not returned from since he was at German flatts, But that he met some Indians in a Bark Canoe at the three rivers who Informed him that Brant was on his way returning to Oswago With 8 Prisoners and one Sculp - That Capt Ancrum Commnds at Bucks Island with Detachments of the 34th and 2d B. R. Yorkers to the amount of about 100 men He likewise says that when at the time he delivered himself up he informed his father and Esqr Nellus that they were he left three men in the Bush on the hill who were to little Horsan [?] the place were Sergeant Deal Lived but did not mention the names of Forbes or Klock because he knew they Intended to deliver themselves up - But they afterwards on seeing Capt French this examinant Informed Capt French were Clock was and that he & Forbes were going to deliver themselves, And that he went with Captain French to the place were Klock was And found him there when Capt French took him under his Charge - - He further says that Major Ross told him he would rather give 500 Guines then that Brant should have been out and done the Mischief he had done, And that he meant to send out and call Brant in And if he had any Prisoners or Cattle he should send them back - And that Major Ross likewise told him he had orders from Genll Haldimen not to send out any more Scouts Which Orders he received at the time Brant was gone to to the German flatt And that Major Ross told him he expected Sr Jno Johnson every day - But did not hear any thing about any more troops being expected in that Quarter

Jacob J Clock [by autograph signature]

This examination was taken

at Fort Rensselaer the

10th Day of Augt 1782

before me

M Willett Colo



Jacob Klock the Son of Conrad Clock being examined says that he left Oswago in Compnay with Jacob J Clock Sergt Deal and Forbes in order to procure Inteeligence for Major Ross who told him that there was a Cessation of arms. And he expected it would soon be peace. And that they were to return to Oswago as soon as they Could. That they left Oswago 14 days ago. And came with a bark Canoe to as far as Fish Creek from which place they marched through the woods to Fort Nellus near which place they arrived three days ago that they Lay part of a day and part of and all night in sight of Nelluss on a hill. And that some time in the night night Jacob J. Klock left the party and said he would go and Conceal himself in a field of Oats near Fort Nellus in order to have an oppurtunity to find out whether One McDougal [Daniel McDougall, husband of Eva McDougall of Lot 9 of the Harrison Patent?] was at home from whence he thought he could procure Intelligence. And get some provisions for the party. That in the morning the party saw from the place they Lay Clock call to Negro who was working in the field That the Negro [wording lost in the in a tear in the document] him And afterwards went to the house, And returned in Company with two white men The two white men were Clocks father & Esqr Nellus who took Jacob Klock back with in the house - Upon which Forbes said he thought Jacob J Clock had given himself up & this examinent said he thought so to after which they Consulted about returning again to Oswago And walked in as far as Timmermans Creek were this examinent offered to go to and try to gain Intelligence from his father and after having the Consent of the sergt he went they went to on until they were in sight of Fort Wallrod - And after Laying some time on a hill and observing no Soldiers near ye fort this examinent looked towards the mill were he saw his father near the mill upon which he hid his gun and went to his father and told him he came to deliver himself up - Soon after which Captain French came there and conveed the examinent to Esqr Nellus's - This Examinent further says that he was taken prisoner by the Indians from Reme Snyders Bush lest March was two years And was conveed to Montreal were he was Confined in Goal fourteen Days when he was taken out by Colo Campbell with who he lived about two months and then entered into Sir Jno Johnsons Corps in which he has Continued to serve as Private Soldier ever since --- He Says he thinks there are aboutbetween 4 and 500 men at oswago. And that there were but few Indians there when he left it - And that the reason of his entering into Sir Johns Corps was that he might have an oppurtunity to return home


Jacob Clock


[by autograph signature]

This examination was

taken at Fort Rensselaer

the 10th Day of Augt 1782

before me

M Willett Colo



[August 11, 1782 Deposition of Jacob House]

Jacob House Being duly sworn deposeth and saith, That some Time after that Jacob C Klock was taken Prisoner by the Enemy, he was at Montreal at one Colonel Campbells required to take Oath of Allegiance to the King of Great Britain which the said Klock refused, on which Col. Campbell told him if he would not, that then had to Confinement again and said Klock said to the Deponent that he would rather join Sir John's Quore where he would have no Occasion to swear and some Time after that when he had joined them he said to the Deponent, - Now with the first Opportunity which I can have. I intend to make my Escape and further saith not


Jacob X House


Sworn before me

Fort Willet August 11th 1782

Henry Walrath Justice

[ On the reverse of the August 11, 1782 Deposition of Jacob House is written]

Jacob House Depo

sition in Favour of Jacob C. Clock

11th Augt 82

Jacob Haus's Deposition

in favour of Jacob C

Clock 11th Augt 1782

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